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The Hive makes teachers' lives easier, and injects a healthy dose of fun into early years learning.Join our beta launch for early access to all of The Hive's revolutionary features, and to have your say about what you need to make it even more of a game-changer in your teaching life!
The Hive
Have you ever found yourself wishing that...
  • You could find high-quality, evidence-based and engaging resources in way less time?
  • You could more easily tailor those resources to the needs of your own students?
  • You could add more variety to the repetitive content that is required to build firm foundations?
  • You had a clone to help you stay on top of *all* the teaching things, day after day?
The Hive makes all* this easy as 1, 2, bee.

*We can't actually clone you. Yet.

How'd The Hive come to bee?

As a former K-2 Teacher & Assistant Principal, I know first-hand what it's like to adore teaching, but to also wish that it could all just be that little bit easier!

And so I, along with my tech-wizard-husband Jez, have been on a mission to find a better way for teachers.

Teachers, you should be able to access everything that you need, all in one place. You deserve to win back hours, so that you have more time to soak up all of the joys that come with teaching.

tam and jez
So, what did we come up with?
  • Hundreds of high-quality, evidence-based resources
  • Fun, engaging, and endlessly customisable educational apps
  • Video warm-ups to help you start your lessons off on the right foot
  • Daily slides, visual timetable and classroom routines
  • Your very own teacher dashboard to tie it all together
Here's a little taste of just some of these things
Click through the green beacons below...
Tayla, Kindergarten Teacher portrait

This is a revolutionary resource that will be well-used by the teaching community.

Tayla, Kindergarten Teacher

Christina, Year 1/2 Teacher portrait

This is something I didn't know I needed but has quickly become an essential part of running my classroom.

Christina, Year 1/2 Teacher

Aisha, Kindergarten Teacher portrait

My goodness, I am blown away! Teachers, this is like nothing I have used before. There is so much to explore and it is the perfect resource for classrooms

Aisha, Kindergarten Teacher

Here's what you're getting in The Hive
    Exclusive Resources
    Exclusive Resources

    Ever-growing bank of printable and digital resources, available only in The Hive


    Ever-growing library of lesson warm-ups, brain-breaks, and mindfulness videos.

    Educational Apps
    Educational Apps

    Ever-growing collection of interactive and customisable teaching and classroom apps

    Daily Slides
    Daily Slides

    Customisable daily routines for date, weather, daily review, social-emotional tools and more.

    Visual Timetable
    Visual Timetable

    Digital visual timetable to clearly display throughout the day. Add your own items and progressively mark them as complete.

    Teacher Dashboard
    Teacher Dashboard

    Your very own dashboard to keep track of your day, and have everything you need at your fingertips.

Plus, these exclusive Bee-ta member benefits
  • 40% off other Mrs Learning Bee resources
  • Opportunity to shape The Hive
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Special bonuses for full launch in 2023
All this, for$11.99

Yep. A one-off investment to keep you going until mid-January, 2023 (aka. Australian Term 1).

That's three coffees. Two if your order is as complicated as mine.
You've got questions. We've got answers!

Sarah, Year 2 Teacher portrait

This is going to be an absolute time-saver and a teacher MUST HAVE!

Sarah, Year 2 Teacher

Erin, Teacher and Mum portrait

The video section is beyond what words can describe… it is simply amazing. The Hive is the newest (and in my opinion most incredible) teaching membership in town!

Erin, Teacher and Mum

For a limited time only.

The Hive