Welcome to Mrs Learning Bee! I'm a former Kindergarten teacher and Assistant Principal based in Sydney, Australia. I have been teaching since 2010, mostly in K-2 classrooms.

My teaching passions include synthetic phonics and all things literacy, play-based learning activities, positive classroom management strategies, kindness and social-emotional learning.

I love to support teachers by creating engaging, research-based learning activities that support K-2 students in developing strong foundational skills and a love of learning, as well as resilient minds and kind hearts.

The evolution of Mrs Learning Bee

Mrs Learning Bee began as MISS Learning Bee back in 2017 when I started my teacher Instagram. I was blown away by the teacher community that exists on there. I have loved getting to know teachers from all over the world, and I am constantly inspired by the ideas that people share. It truly is the best FREE professional-learning and support network!

My goal is always to create practical, clear, research-based and thorough resources. I enjoy using classroom decor and clear learning displays to create welcoming, organised and effective classroom spaces. I also believe in making learning as fun as possible for students, so that kids develop a life-long love of learning. I’m a big believer in the importance of teaching kindness - teaching students to be kind humans is the most important life skill that anyone can learn.

It brings me a lot of joy to see my resources in action in classrooms all around the world!